Shipping information



1. Shipping is generally charged at cost and indicated in the checkout process; we do not make a profit on postage & packing and our shipping suggestions simply reflect our own experience with various agents.

2. For multiple orders we always endevour to save money by combining objects into one or more parcels. In most cases this price reduction is calculated automatically during the checkout process. Where we are able to make further savings we will normally reimburse these costs to the buyer.

3. Handling time is generally one business day, after which you will receive a tracking number.

4. Delivery times vary based upon location, but the majority of our customers receive items within 2 weeks of purchase.

5. Items are sent from our premises in the United Kingdom. Most of our clients are international, particularly North American but also European and Asian.

6. In most US states and other countries, antique artworks pass free of duty and tax. Likewise there are rarely any customs issues that cannot be overcome. Please check your local importation rules if you are in any doubt. We will not under-declare or mis-describe items on the customs form so please don’t ask; proper importation of cultural objects is important for a variety of reasons, not least to support the legality of the item.

7. Where an export license is required, this will be indicated in the item description. Export licenses typically take between 2-6 weeks to be approved. There is no charge for this.

8. If you have your own shipping arrangements or requests you are welcome to contact us and we will either remove or reimburse shipping costs as appropriate.

9. Where appropriate we use highly specialist equipment to create two-part foam moulds for particularly fragile artworks - in this way we are often able to ensure safe delivery even in cases of mal-handling.

10. All sales are subject to our terms and conditions.

11. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about delivery methods.