'Maker Unknown' at Masterpiece


Our exhibition at Masterpiece, 'Maker Unknown', was very well received and often cited in publications as being one of the most engaging and exciting at the Fair.

In the ancient world, objects of natural history were often associated with the gods and in some cases, worshipped in temples. Today they are understood in scientific terms.

We wondered what would happen if we looked at natural history through the ancientsʼ lens, one in which we attribute a ʻmakerʼ to each object. Would we look at a meteorite, a fulgurite, a palm frond differently? Would we notice and admire their sculptural forms, colours and textures? Would we have an emotional response?

And what of the objects made by the ancients themselves? Corrosion, fragmentation and reinterpretation have altered them. They are no longer seen as their unknown maker intended.

We were highlighted in the following publications:

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