For our first display at BRAFA, we will be presenting ‘Connections’, an exhibition which explores objects’ stories through their surprising connections with coins. Seventeen objects are paired with seventeen coins sharing visual, symbolic and historical connections. The display is designed to be engaging and enrich the visitor’s experience.

As dealers, we’ve always enjoyed anecdotes relating to our objects, so we felt it would be fun to share these snippets of information at a fair like BRAFA, with its focus on connoisseurship, to encourage people to look closer at works of art.

The display includes the oldest item ever shown at BRAFA; an extraordinary, sculptural meteorite, which predates the formation of our planet. The image on a little-known coin placed directly underneath proves that our fascination with these beautiful, otherworldly objects goes back millennia: a four-horse chariot tows the famous meteorite of Emesa to Rome exactly 1800 years ago.

Sometimes coins show subtle changes in artistic style, and through comparison, help us date important objects and appreciate rare styles. Other times, they boast of conquest, the effects of which can be seen in the region’s artistic traditions centuries later. Whether the connection is academic or whimsical, the aim of the exhibition is to engage visitors and to encourage them to see objects in a new light.

For more information, please find our press release here.