Authenticity is one of the single biggest issues in the art market as a whole. Despite being a relatively small section of the market in general, the antiquities and historical collectibles market is plagued with fakes, many of which can be found for sale online and elsewhere without much difficulty. Ascertaining whether a dealer is respected in the field and by their peers is sometimes difficult to establish, but there are certain questions every collector may ask themselves about any prospective dealer they are thinking about doing business with: 

Is the dealer a member of respected trade organisations in the field?

ArtAncient is a member of a number of leading trade organisations including; the ADA (Antiquities Dealers Association), LAPADA, CINOA and the BNTA (British Numismatic Trade Association).

Does the dealer exhibit at art and trade fairs?

ArtAncient exhibits at a number of vetted art fairs including; the Olympia Fine Art and Antiques Fair, the LAPADA fair, ARS Antiqua Brussels and Coinex. We also list on the exclusive invite only interior design website 1stdibs, and were the first antiquities dealers to do so.

Does the dealer sell to leading collectors and museums?

We have sold objects to many museums, including the British Museum, the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences, the Oxfordshire Museum and the Michael C. Carlos Museum.

Does the dealer offer a variety of fine and well provenanced pieces?

We pride ourselves on being amongst the most scrupulous and reliable of all dealers in our field when it comes to provenance. The ownership history or pedigree of a dealer's objects can often tell you a lot about their reliability. One should look for a good proportion of a dealer's objects being published and exhibited, especially for the more unusual and important pieces.