About Us



ArtAncient specialises in ancient art, including numismatics, and artworks of cultural and historical interest.

Founded by the director in 2008 after more than 10 years experience in the business, we have grown to become prominent dealers, having exhibited at major art fairs and sold to important museums and collectors.

ArtAncient are committee members of the ADA, members of BADA, IADAA, LAPADA, CINOA and the BNTA.

Some of our notable sales can be found here.

Our offices are located in London, UK.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions or simply wish to share in a discussion about the artworks. Welcome to ArtAncient and enjoy browsing our collection.

Principal Staff

Dr. Costas Paraskevaides



Jethro Sverdloff

Gallery manager


Alice Milverton

Office manager, despatch